Lark & Berry is celebrating its first birthday by launching a new advertising campaign which aims to make its brand intentions ‘absolutely resonant.’

The campaign, which is comprised of web ads, upcoming commercials and previews of new summer jewellery collections, has been named “Clean. Cool. Cultured.” with the London-based firm claiming each of the three words have become hallmark slogans for the brand.

Laura Chavez, Lark & Berry’s founder, said:  “People want to know the significance of this ad campaign. It’s all in the three words, all of which have many cultured connotations we want to evoke.”


She said that the significance of the word ‘clean’ was that the lab grown techniques the firm uses are better for the Earth than mining diamonds, and that ‘cool’ referred to the fact that only 2% of mined diamonds reach the same quality as Lark & Berry’s products, claiming that it: “Doesn’t get much cooler than that!”

Speaking about the use of the word ‘cultured,’ Chavez said: “It’s my favourite term for grown diamonds. Much more so than ‘lab grown,’ cultured really embodies my favourite aspect of these technological and luxurious stone marvels—they’re truly the way forward. Cultured diamonds are the progressive choice and truly the only sustainable choice.”

Lark & Berry’s diamonds are made in a laboratory-controlled environment which mimics the process of diamond formation deep in Earth’s mantle and recently won an Editor’s Choice design award at the 2019 JCK Las Vegas conference.