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Today is the last chance to complete the exclusive Professional Jeweller salary survey.


The survey will be used to highlight some of the key employment trends unique to the jewellery and watch market and the job expectations of employees going into 2016.


With the UK jewellery and watch market continuing to grow year on year, the survey will pinpoint the key factors that are motivating staff and shaping movement in the industry job market.

The results so far have been very insightful. Highlights include 55% of jewellers reporting salary increases, while a third of jewellers say they will quit without a pay rise in the near future.

The survey, which can be completed HERE will only take a few minutes.

Note that you are not required to enter any personal contact details and all responses will be treated anonymously.

Professional Jeweller will be revealing the results of the survey, which is run in conjunction with sister publication WatchPro, in the January issue of the magazine, when you’ll be able to discover how your views and expectations around this topic compare with the wider industry.

Rob Corder, managing director of Professional Jeweller and WatchPro, says: “We are really grateful to everybody that has taken part already. We can already see how useful the results of this survey are going to be to the whole industry, but the more response we get, the more useful it will become.

“Everybody is going to benefit from the survey, and we urge everybody to take part. This will allow us to drill deeper and deeper into the data so that people can see results broken down by geographical region, job title, business type and more.”