Model teams with Sheherazade Goldsmith to create modern lockets.

Model Laura Bailey and socialite Sheherazade Goldsmith have joined forces to launch a new jewellery brand called Loquet, created to revive the locket as a piece of contemporary jewellery.

The brand has been inspired by the concept of collecting and personalising jewellery. Its designs allow customers to build their own locket starting with a chain and a choice of heart-shaped or round see-through glass locket, each of which are available in three sizes.


Tiny gold trinkets, charms and gemstones can then be added to the lockets to build a personal piece of jewellery. Charm designs include religious icons, letters, birthstones and friendship-themed charms, with prices from £20 per charm.

The Loquet website also features an interactive locket builder with live pricing alongside the product so customers can see how a design would look.

The brand is also offering next-day delivery for designs and offers a bespoke service should customers want a design made using charms not yet featured on its site or in white or rose gold.