Library, hostel and training facilities in Lesotho.

Graff Diamonds chairman Laurence Graff will open a library and training centre in South Africa this weekend on behalf of his charity For Africa’s Children Every Time (FACET).

The Graff Leadership Centre in Lesotho will provide an Afro-centred library, a hostel for young girls and training facilities for the whole community, including pre-employment skills. The centre is the first of its kind but Graff said that it is looking to open more Graff Leadership Centres in other locations in South Africa.


Graff will open the centre alongside the king of Lesotho, His Majesty King Letsie III, on Saturday.

Graff said: “We would like to give something back to the country which gives us our remarkable diamonds. There is such appalling poverty and hunger in Southern Africa, yet with more help from donations the situation will begin to improve.

“I hope that through the first Graff Leadership Centre we shall give the kingdom’s children
opportunities to learn and acquire skills which they would use to improve their situation.”

Graff’s charity FACET works with local charities in Africa to raise funds for the education, health and wellbeing of children in the areas that Graff sources its diamonds.

The Kingdom of Lesotho, the location of the first Graff Leadership Centre, is one of the poorest countries in the world and has the third-highest incidence of HIV and AIDs. Life expectancy in Lesotho is just 37 years old and up to 40% of the country’s children are orphans.