LDB president Harry Levy reacts to Hatton Garden arrests

London Diamond Bourse president Harry Levy has released a statement following the news that nine individuals have been arrested in connection with the raid on Hatton Garden Safety Deposit Ltd.

In the statement, he praises Detective Superintendent Craig Turner of the Met Police and his team for their continued hard work, and discusses the potential insurance issues that may arise from the recovery of items from the suspects’ homes.

The full statement can be read below…

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We were all delighted with the wonderful news the Police released regarding the arrests and recovery of a substantial amount of high value articles.

Many of us were surprised with the news, some of us thought the police would eventually make some arrests, but did not think they would recover any property.

Many were initially frustrated that they were unable to enter the vaults to remove goods from boxes which had not been opened. About two weeks after the discovery of the robbery, a small group from the London Diamond Bourse met up with the police, they explained the vault was a crime scene, goods had been scattered over the floor and they had to collect and collate these goods, as well as obtaining forensic evidence.

When we heard the news yesterday we immediately emailed Detective Superintendent Craig Turner, whom we had met in the Bourse, and congratulated him and his team on their wonderful achievement. I was one of the sceptical members from the trade, but I am glad to have been proved wrong.

As regards to the recovered goods, those who were uninsured are of course happy to know all or some of their goods should now be returned to them. However, those who are insured, will probably find the insurance companies will now hold back in making any payments, until they know what has and what has not been stolen. This may take some time.

The London Diamond Bourse will continue to work with the Metropolitan Police to give guidance on which agencies can assist with identifying the property they have recovered with the objective of returning the items to the owners as quickly and smoothly as possible.





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