Chief operating officer Victoria McKay shares her views.

The London Diamond Bourse has released a statement to the press in the wake of the raid on Hatton Garden company Hatton Garden Safety Deposit Ltd over the Easter weekend. 

In it, chief operating officer Victoria McKay highlights her concern for Hatton Garden business who may have incurred significant losses, and the incorrect information that is circulating as a result of keen media interest in the case. 


The full media release can be seen below… 

The London Diamond Bourse (LDB) has chosen not to make comment on the Hatton Garden heist to date as we are not in a position to provide substantiated information.

Having seen media speculation as to values which are not yet quantifiable, we made a decision not to further fuel speculative figures preferring to comment on fact only.

Chief operating officer Victoria McKay comments: "Ofcourse we are greatly concerned by the effects of this crime on the industry as a whole and our thoughts are with those affected in anyway. We do not hold information pertaining to the whereabouts of our members goods so are not in a position to make statements regarding their losses.

"There is a common misconception that all those in the trade are exceptionally wealthy and will be able to absorb losses. This is simply not the case as there are many people in the trade who earn an everyday living in a industry already squeezed by tough market conditions. Time will only tell what the ongoing effects will be. Once the position is clearer, we may choose to release commentary."

Mckay continued: "I am exceptionally concerned by an erroneous statement made to the media that Hatton Garden traders are moving their goods to the "London Diamond Bourse vaults" and have contacted the publication concerned to retract their article.

"Simply put, the LDB is a Trade Association who exist to provide support and voluntary governance within the diamond trade in the UK. We do not have a vault and do not provide any safe deposit services whatsoever. Such a statement to the press creates a huge security risk and if I might remind those not accustomed to dealing with the press that incorrect statements put us in the industry all at unnecessary risk."