Seven members elected to engage younger members of diamond industry.

The London Diamond Bourse (LDB) has announced the creation of a Young Persons Committee, electing seven young members of the UK diamond industry to work together to create a sustainable future for the industry and engage younger generations in the diamond business.

The LDB says it was aware of the importance of young professionals within the diamond industry, and thus created the committee to give younger generations a chance to air their views and champion new ideas. The committee was selected from existing LDB members.


LDB president Harry Levy said: "Some of the qualities young people offer such as active thinking, sensitivity to new issues, and their powerful innovative potential are vitally important to the future of the diamond industry. The youth of today are our leaders of tomorrow. We have given these individuals a vision, mission and values to work to, alongside the existing LDB and WFDB Code of Conduct and I wish them every success in fulfilling these.”

The Young Persons Committee has been given a brief to engage in the diamond industry to ensure a sustainable future. Their mission is to "create and nurture a collaborative forum for young people to be heard", championing new ideas within the UK diamond industry, promoting a realistic image of the UK diamond industry, its challenges and opportunities, and to bridge the generation gap.

The LDB chief operating officer Victoria McKay said: "Seven high-calibre candidates have been brought together to further the ultimate aim of engaging the youth of the diamond industry. This initiative is in response to the need for a forum where younger members can express their opinions, meet other professionals from the industry and share viewpoints with senior representatives of the diamond industry."

Lewis Malka, the chair of the Young Persons Committee and a former member of the LBD board said he was delighted that there is an opportunity for some of the younger members to be heard. "It’s no secret that there is a generation gap between our older and younger members. What the board has done by forming the young committee is to try and ensure the longevity of the London Diamond Bourse. We have a wonderful new website, some great social media platforms which we utilise and the established board members are keen to hear new ideas. I’m sure this is the beginning of something wonderful. As for me personally, I am relishing what lays ahead and proud to be involved," Malka said.

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