Goldsmith and teacher Scott McIntyre has released his new book, Stone Setting, detailing the historic craft described in the title.

Publisher Crowood Press has in its portfolio other jewellery craft titles, including Polishing and Finishing for Jewellers and Silversmiths by Stephen Goldsmith Engraving and Enamelling: The Art of Champleve by Phil Barnes.

The publisher revealed that Stone Setting includes information on all setting techniques, from bezel, claw and flush, through to single row and multiple pave, then to skilled methods such as channel and microclaw.


It also provides advice on the options and attributes of each type of setting, as well as ideas for mixing styles and experimenting with setting methods.

Crowood described the book in a statement as “a manual that shines with inspiration and practical advice”.

It added: “This practical book explains the techniques of the master stone setter in an accessible and encouraging style. It explains the complex world of setting with step-by-step instructions, supported by informative illustrations and excellent examples of finished pieces.”

Meanwhile, Scott McIntyre has been a designer goldsmith for over 25 years, creating bespoke pieces of jewellery across Scotland’s central belt.

He is now a passionate teacher at Vanilla Ink, Scotland’s unique jewellery school in Glasgow.