Beirut designer Nada G has returned from a successful Couture Show in Las Vegas with interest from retailers around the world for her 2015 Baby Malak Collection.

The collection builds on the original series of Baby Malak rings that launched last year within the Resolutions collection.

Resolutions has always been about embracing the optimistic vibe of the new year with jewellery that is both colourful and bold.


“We all pursue the positives in our lives and what constantly makes us happier and more balanced in our every day. Our goal is to add light, love and hope in everything we do and spread positive energy,” says Nada Ghazal, founder, designer and managing partner of Nada G.

“Resolutions speaks for itself, where it embraces vibrancy of colours married with aesthetics that in turn translate into a smile the moment you wear any of the pieces,” She adds.

Baby Malak first launched as a family of rings that work independently or together. They featured splashes colourful stones on gold.

Retailers can now offer a full range of Baby Malak pieces including pinky rings, cuffs, earrings, chokers, and necklaces.

“We hope to spread even more positivity as now Baby Malak comes in pinky rings, earrings, cuffs, chokers and necklaces as well as rings,” says Ghazal.

Nada G operates from Lebanon and has a flagship store in Beirut. EC One is the only retailer in the UK carrying the brand.

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