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Lebrusan Studio follows up name change with new website and logo


Lebrusan Studio has followed up its recent brand name change with the launch of a new website and logo.

The brand, formerly known simply as the name of its founder and designer Arabel Lebrusan, said the refresh allowed for the designer and brand to grow respectively, without diluting either.

Lebrusan said: “We were growing, and as we grew, ‘Arabel Lebrusan’ felt too much like a ‘me’ brand.

“When you’re a small business you’re running around doing everything yourself, from accounts to manufacturing, designing and dealing with customers.

“Our team is expanding, and it’s not just me anymore. With the name change, I really wanted to bring all those other people in as well.”

The new site has landed fully stocked with blogs, a press kit, a newsroom, new imagery and information on Lebrusan Studio’s engagement ring loan service which enables clients to pop the question using a borrowed sample ring whilst the real thing is manufactured.

The brand describes the interface as “sleek, contemporary and easier to navigate than before” while for the first time it incorporates a separate page for men’s wedding rings.

Updated and detailed information on Lebrusan Studio’s ethical policies, bespoke commissions, happy clients, and founder is also readily available.

Other ideas set to be rolled out on the new site include the Lebrusan Studio team working on new pages for LGBTQ+ couples searching for engagement, commitment and wedding rings.

The refurb was largely coordinated by Arabel herself. She said: “I’ve been working my socks off. We’ve been working hard the last few months, but last week I finally decided to press the button.”


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