Lebrusan Studio, one of the leading ethical jewellery brands, has launched the Artisan Collection, a new line of engagement rings crafted exclusively from traceable and artisanally mined materials.

Each made-to-order jewel will be cast in 18ct Fairmined Ecological Gold, extracted by the XAMODX cooperative in Mongolia without the use of any mercury or cyanide whatsoever. 

The collection also features a line of Ocean Diamonds which have been carefully retrieved from the ocean floor off the west coast of Namibia by experienced career divers before being faceted by skilled stone-cutters in the local area. 


“The most beautiful jewellery is jewellery that tells stories,” said a statement from Lebrusan Studio. “In a world defined by fast trends and easy consumption, so few of us know as much as we should about the products we’re buying. 

“An engagement ring is an incredibly sentimental ‘forever’ jewel and we don’t believe its symbolism should be clouded by murky backwaters. 

“By committing to gold and diamonds that can be traced right back to their artisanal roots, we’re not only offering our clients the transparency they deserve; we’re ensuring that wealth is distributed evenly throughout the supply chain. 

“In the fair and sustainable world we see in our mind’s eye, the more people directly benefited by a particular product, the better.”

The collection is characterised by slender gold bands, elevated claw settings and 1ct round brilliant cut central diamonds, along with the option for intricate hand engraving at the client’s request. 

Variations include a classic solitaire, a trilogy setting and a band carefully micro-set with small shoulder diamonds. 

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