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Lebrusan Studio to answer industry’s questions in new sustainability sessions


A new series of Q&A sessions from Lebrusan Studio is aiming to answer the questions and solve the problems of people within the jewellery industry.

Arabel Lebrusan is creative director of Lebrusan Studio and has worked in sustainable jewellery for the last two decades.

The AMA sessions will run 10-11am every Friday morning via Google Meet.

Lebrusan is open to questions about operating a lifestyle business, ethical sourcing and sustainable materials.

Additionally, in time for International Women’s Day, Lebrusan will also take questions about being a woman and a mother in business.

Questions will be asked via a chat box system in Google Meet, and will be answered on a first come, first served basis.

The first session will take place this Friday, 12 February, with Lebrusan Studio not confirming for how many weeks the AMA sessions will continue.

The company has been making a number of changes this year, despite the uncertainty in the jewellery industry and beyond.

Near the end of last year it announced a change of premises and now has a Hatton Garden home. Read more below:

Lebrusan Studio joins London Diamond Bourse at Hatton Garden site


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