Royal Academy of Arts feel colourful designs complement exhibition

Leju will sell its vegetable ivory jewellery at the Royal Academy of Arts alongside a Van Gogh exhibition after being approached by the organisers who felt the colourful designs would fit in well with the exhibition.

Three of the brand’s designs – the Bubble necklace, the Flor necklace and the Polo earrings – will be sold at the Royal Academy of Arts until April 18.


Leju designer Lenny Trines said: “Leju jewellery is a permanent fixture at the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam and our collection was spotted by one of the Royal Academy of Arts organisers who thought it would be the perfect fit to sell alongside Van Gogh’s work at the exhibition. We’re really proud to have our jewellery at the Royal Academy of Arts in London, especially since we are London-based.”

Leju jewellery is made with sustainable components from an Amazonian palm tree species and crafted into colourful designs. The vegetable ivory is combined with sterling silver, recycled agate, lava beads and semi-precious stones.