Lev Leviev declines to take part and loses crown after seven years.

Leo Schachter Diamonds has topped the annual list of Israel’s top 25 largest polished diamond exporters with a net worth of US$403 million (£257.3m) in 2011.

The ranking of Leo Schachter Diamonds as number one in the list defined by defined by the Israel Daimond Controller’s Office on the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor marks the first time in 11 years that Lev Leviev Diamonds has not topped the chart. The omission of Lev Leviev Diamonds from the list was at the request of the company which did not wish to be included this year.


Leo Schachter has been making waves in the UK market over the past year after signing a deal with Signet-owned multiple retailer Ernest Jones to create a range of diamond jewellery exclusive to the retailer. The range has been dubbed The Leo Diamond and is set with diamonds specially cut to return more light and give a more brilliant shine. 

Second and third on the list of top exporters are M.I.D. House of Diamonds with US$239 million (£152.6m) and A.A. Rachminov Diamonds with US$216 million (£137.9m). In fourth and fifth place are E. Z. Diamonds with US$140 million (£89.4m) and Yosfe Diamonds International with US$130 million (£83m) in net exports. For a full list of the 25 largest polished diamond exporters see below.

Total net exports of the 25 largest companies in 2011 stood at US$2.44 billion (£1.56bn), about 33% of Israel’s net total polished exports of US$7.2 billion (£4.6bn).

The list of 25 omits 12 companies that chose not to publish export figures. Those companies accounted for US$1.27 billion (£811.2m) or 17.3% of Israel’s net polished exports in 2011.

The total sum of polished exports of the top 37 companies – including those which asked not to be included – equalled US$3.69 billion (£2.36bn), or 51.2% of Israel’s net polished exports for 2011.

1. Leo Schachter Diamonds
2. M.I.D. House Of Diamonds
3. A.A. Rachminov Diamonds
4. E.Z. Diamonds
5. Yoshfe Diamonds Intl
6. Niru Diamonds Israel
7. Arabov Group
8. Andre Messika
9. Ofer Mizrahi Diamonds
10. Rosy Blue Sales
11. Segaldiam
12. Royal Gem
13. Poligem
14. Masingita
15. Rachminov Diamonds
16. SN Asia Israel
17. Kuperman Brothers Diamonds
18. O.S.G. Polishing
19. Beta Diamonds
20. Eran Diamonds-Yehuda Sayag
21. Eshed-Diam
22. Z.I.P. Diamonds
23. Waldman Diamonds
24. A. Schwartz & Sons Diamonds
25. Annita Diamonds