French jewellery brand Les Georgettes is looking to expand its product line over the coming months.

The brand, which specialises in customisable bracelets, is hoping to adopt a 360 approach with its plan to introduce necklaces, earrings and mens’ pieces to its current collection.

The range, which currently comprises rings and bracelets, encourages consumers to customise. Each piece metal cuff or ring and a leather insert which has two colours. At the moment the vibrant collection offers 48 colours.


International vice-president told Professional Jeweller: “In terms of product category we are expanding. We are expanding into two categories.

“One is fashion jewellery. By Spring 2018 we’ll have necklaces and earrings, kids and men’s. The second category is accessories, such as bags.”

The brand, which has been rapidly expanding in the UK since its launch, focused on the final end user sale when pitching the products to retailers, rather than selling in.

Les Georgettes launched in the UK at the end of last year with a goal of opening 100 accounts. This target was achieved in just two months.