Sales of men’s engagement rings are on the rise as women become increasingly like to propose, research has found.

Bespoke UK jewellery brand Taylor & Hart has conducted research which says that interest in men’s engagement ring is up 69% on last year.

Its study also showed that British men are the third most likely in the world to receive a proposal and engagement ring.


It noted that both women proposing, a trend that is up around 200% since 2010, and LGBTQ+ couples are driving the trend.

In the past year, there were 22,800 searches for male engagement rings in London, more than double that of any other UK city.

Birmingham came in second with 7,080 searches and Glasgow third with 3,840 people looking to pop the question to the man in their lives, with Lancaster and Manchester tying in fourth with 3,120.

Kate Earlam-Charnley, design director at Taylor & Hart, shared her thoughts: “A few years ago I had a customer who was planning to propose to her boyfriend.

“She reasoned that marriage is always a two-way commitment, so why should it only be the man’s responsibility to propose?

“She loved being able to design her boyfriend an expressive and personal engagement ring, and since then I’ve worked with more and more women who feel the same.

“I really believe the industry should be embracing this new normal.”

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