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LIFE AFTER LOCKDOWN: Luxury jeweller undertakes shop re-fit ahead of re-opening

Pictures of the new luxurious Lumbers store on the High Street.

Award-winning independent fine jewellery retailer, Lumbers, has been busy preparing the shop for life after lockdown.

While the boutique has been closed, the Leicester-based jeweller has been working with a small team to prepare the shop for the moment it can re-open later in the year.

During the lockdown, Lumbers has undertaken a shop fit and redesigned its gift room into a diamond room.

These changes have been made in order to allow the retailer to easily conform to social distancing requirements, although managing director, Dominic Gomersall, doesn’t think it will be difficult to keep customers two metres apart in the current retail climate.

He tells Professional Jeweller: “It is unlikely that we will, unfortunately, require queuing systems and markings outside our premises. We are not a high footfall businesses. We can cater for 10 couples all seated and conforming to the 2 metres distancing, and I would be ecstatic if we get half that number in the shop at any time soon after re-opening.”

As well as preparing for social distancing, Gomersall has also made moves to order PPE.

“We have 3,500 masks arrived from China and sanitisers for every desk with wipes available too,” he shares, adding: “Each desk will have 1200mm by 700mm sneeze screen fitted before opening.”

Gloves will also be available and a sanitiser station place by the front door.

Furthermore, the jeweller plans to purchase UV stock sanitiser lamps to manage jewellery cleaning.

“Whether or not we believe all these practices are required is irrelevant – the only important aim is to ensure that every client has the confidence that they are entering the safest of environments – this is the sales tool that we are all after – the 5th C – confidence is more important than ever,” Gomersall concludes.


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