As award-winning fine jewellery retailer, Jacobs the Jewellers, prepares to open its doors again, the managing directors is looking at how best to balance the customer experience with staff protection.

The ideas of staff and customers potentially wearing masks, at the same time of wanting to give the luxury experience so many in the jewellery industry are renowned for, can be a daunting one – but it is not an impossible task.

Life after lockdown will require many adjusting to a new normal, and that includes a new ‘normal’ customer experience too.


Discussing when the store reopens, Adam Jacobs, managing director in Reading-based Jacobs the Jewellers, tells Professional Jeweller: “We have a shopping list ready for PPE and equipment though we are waiting until later in May to see the official guidance as it has a habit of changing.

“It’s important for us to balance the atmosphere in the store with team and staff protection. Any regulations may not be in place permanently so it’s essential to have some perspective and deploy the right things, perhaps keeping some measures back in case.”

Once jewellers are officially given a timeline for when they can return, Jacobs plans to get the whole team involved in making final decisions.

He explains: “Once we are clear what window we can open in, the team will be brought into the final decision as to how Jacobs opens and presents to clients. As a team there’s childcare and travel to consider so how we do things will be in practical consultation.”

Jacobs the Jewellers has already updated its health and safety policies and procedures to fit new measures implemeneted by the government.

The independent jeweller is also encouraging customers to book appointments and will be enhancing the growing e-commerce side of the business.

As Jacobs the Jewellers has a locked secure door policy, the business owner believes they will be able to manage customer flow easily – especially as the shop is big enough to allow social distancing measures to take place.

During lockdown the jeweller has been boosting its social media presence with post from team members recommending books, films, podcasts, TV shows and music to customers.

Jacobs has also been liaising with suppliers, strengthening the firm’s HR and making sure the team are ok.