Actress once more under suspicion for residential robbery.

By Craig Heatly

Disgraced Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan could find herself back in prison after she was formally named as a suspect in yet another theft involving jewellery.

Lohan was originally questioned by the LA Police last Monday after $100,000 (£63,300) worth of goods including jewellery, several expensive watches and a pair of sunglasses, were reported missing from a Hollywood hills residence that the actress had been a guest at.


It was initially reported that the former child star was very cooperative and not a suspect in the case but independent witnesses have since come forward and pointed the finger at Lohan and her assistant Gavin Doyle as the possible suspects.

The case, originally closed when the claimant had recanted his original statement that the two men that accompanied the actress were involved, was reopened after the witnesses came forward.

This is the latest a long line of legal woes for the Lohan who was recently believed to be getting her fading career back on track after completing a guest spot in Glee and wrapping on the lifetime biopic Liz and Dick where Lohan played the lead of Elizabeth Taylor.

Lohan was last year charged with the theft of a necklace from a Venice Beach jewellers and was sentenced to 120 days in prison and 480 hours of community service which she completed in an LA morgue.

Lohan herself has been a victim of crime after she was targeted by the Bling Ring gang, a group of teenagers who stole belongings from the homes of Hollywood’s young stars including Paris Hilton, a film biopic of which is in process.