Case thrown out for lack of evidence and witness cooperation.

By Craig Heatly

After yesterday’s report that Lindsay Lohan had been formally named a suspect in another theft involving jewellery, it has been announced that the troubled actress will not face charges or further questioning regarding the case.

Lohan claimed that she has been set up by a friend, Andrew Knight, son of record executive and producer Suge Knight and that she had nothing to do with the alleged theft.


Sam Magrid, a long-term friend of the actress and owner of the Hollywood Hills residence from where the jewellery is taken did not name Lohan as a suspect but did say that she was at the residence during the robbery.

Tiffany cutlery , sunglasses and expensive watches are said to have gone missing at the late night party.

Knight claims that Lohan had collected some of the missing items in a T-shirt on the night of the theft and handed them to him before he handed them back to Magrid.

It was also alleged that Lohan confessed being being under the influence of insomnia medication Ambien and to hiding items around the house for fear of burglars stealing them.

The Los Angeles County district attorney has reportedly thrown the case out due to a insufficent evidence and an apparent lack of cooperation from potential witnesses.