Links of London incinerates counterfeit bracelets

Brand burns counterfeit copies sold by high street catalogue retailer.

Links of London has taken its battle against counterfeit copies of its jewellery one step further, by incinerating copies of its classic friendship bracelet.

Legal proceedings began last year against what Links of London describes as a “well known high street catalogue retailer.”

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Links of London has owned the rights to the design since 2007. It insisted that the retailer remove the bracelets from its offering and immediately cease sales of the product.

The retailer then delivered its stock of the bracelets directly to Links of London to be incinerated, to ensure that none went astray.

Speaking of the outcome, Links’ chief executive Andrew Marshall said: “Brands must take action against fake sites and imitation products but the initial goal should be suffocation not elimination. The latter would be impossible with the current laws in place and would also cost proportionately more than the damage actually caused.”

Marshall has also spoken this month to Professional Jeweller about websites selling counterfeit Links of London products, including its Sweetie bracelet and friendship bracelet designs. He explained that the company takes copyright infringement very seriously and has been working with the police and Trading Standards.

Several websites, including eBay and Amazon have been contacted regarding counterfeit or imitation Links of London products. Currently, any item which is hallmarked by Links of London is protected and anyone who copies it is in breach of the law.




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