Links of London link to murder


Links of love act as a chain of appeal from ex-girlfriend to killer.

As police appealed to murder suspect Raoul Thomas Moat to turn himself in, they gave him a message from his ex-girlfriend, offering the memory of a Links of London Christmas present as proof of its veracity.

Police are still searching for Moat, who has a three-year old baby with ex-girlfriend and attack victim Samantha Stobbart.

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After his release from jail last Wednesday, Moat sought out Stobbart, catching up to her at her parent’s house in Birtley and shooting her twice with a sawn off shotgun through the living room window.

Moat is then believed to have shot dead at close range Stobbart’s new boyfriend, karate instructor Chris Brown, as he attempted to escape from the house.

In the mistaken belief that his ex-girlfriend had a relationship with a Northumbrian policeman, Moat called 999 the next day and taunted police that he would shoot a member of the force. Just 12 minutes after making the phone call, Moat shot Pc David Rathband through his patrol car window at a Newcastle roundabout.

Police said in a statement on Sky News that Stobbart, who survived the two gunshot wounds, had asked them to make an appeal to the suspect.

Stobbart’s appeal said: “Please give yourself up. If you still love me and our baby, you would not be doing this anymore.

“When you came out of jail, I said I was seeing a police officer. I said this because I was frightened. I have not been seeing a police officer.”

Det Chief Supt Neil Adamson added: “Mr Moat, I know you don’t trust the police because you’ve told us that.

“So you know that this message is genuinely from Sam, she’s told us about the Links of London chain bracelet that you bought her for Christmas. Please make contact with us.”

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