Linnie Mclarty brooches at Bling show


Bling shows work of local children alongside contemporary designers.

Linnie Mclarty is showcasing her brooches at Bling – Jewellery stories from the East End, which displays the work of local children alongside award-winning contemporary designers.

The exhibition is being held in partnership with London School of Fashion and takes place from June 26 to November 14 at the V&A’s Museum of Childhood.

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It aims to provide a closer look at the diversity of jewellery in east London, with emphasis on how the ornaments we use to decorate our bodies can have great personal and cultural significance.

Mclarty’s work explores the symbolism of flowers in literature and art.

Her large chrysanthemum silver and gold rings are on display, along with brooches and neck pieces inspired by paintings of Shakespeare’s ‘poor drowned Ophelia’ and Miss Haversham’s abandoned wedding feast in Charles Dicken’s book Great Expectations.

Mclarty, who has four design awards to her credit, is also exhibiting sterling silver and gold chrysanthemum rings from her ‘take me, I’m yours’, collection.

These rings are carved in wax and cast as one-off pieces. All jewellery is made by hand in Mclarty’s London studio.

These brooches have an integral relationship to the fabric on which they sit and have a unique ‘poppi’ fastening, designed by Linnie, which enables them to be worn on delicate fabrics without the use of pins.

The designer is also working on a new ‘with a twist’ collection, which aims to make brooches more adaptable in their use.

Mclarty said: “It is my aim to see the brooch worn in more innovative & interesting ways. Not merely on a collar or at the shoulder, but grouped, or singularly on a cuff, a hem or on the hip.

“I’m currently working on ‘brooches with a twist’ a collection of multifunctional jewellery which has brooches that also function equally as rings, bangles and neckpieces.”

Linnie Mclarty will showcase the new collection at the East London Design show from December 2 – 5 at Shoreditch Town Hall.


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