A local Southend jeweller has revolutionised his business since investing in the DaDo laser from Freeform Fabrication.

Paul Paine, owner of the Southchurch Jewellers in Essex, last year took the plunge and purchased the £3,000 DaDo after struggling to find a laser at an accessible price point.

Less than a year after acquiring the machine, he was so impressed that during lockdown he used part of the government’s Bounce Back Loan for small businesses to upgrade his machine to the MegaHit from Freeform Fabrication; an investment he says will be paid off by the end of 2021.


“It’s £10,500 plus VAT for the MegaHit,” Paine says, “and I will have that paid for in a year, no problem.”

After upgrading to the MegaHit, Paine sold his DaDo to a fellow jeweller. “I re-sold the DaDo to another jeweller and he loves it. Freeform Fabrications were fantastic with this; they allowed me to hand over the warranty and went round to check everything was ok with installation.”

Paine adds that with the laser he can now carry out 60% of the ‘jobbing work’ during the day, allowing him to do surgical repairs working under a microscopic view and reducing his stress levels by ‘at least 50%’.

Both DaDo and the MegaHit give users pinpoint accuracy and allows localised repairs that does not affect any other part of the jewellery.

“Now I have this technology in the shop I can add a premium to the price and my customers are completely satisfied. It is a quicker service, a more efficient service, and the job is better for me and the customers, so it’s win win win,” Paine adds.

The full interview with Paul Paine is featured in the October edition of Professional Jeweller, which is now available to read online for free HERE.