High-end and rare antiques jeweller Hancocks London has revealed to Professional Jeweller details of its upcoming store refit.

Director Guy Burton, speaking exclusively with PJ for the latest instalment of the Lockdown Diaries series, said that the business has taken advantage of the current lockdown and closure of non-essential retail to undergo a renovation process that has been in the pipeline “for a few years”.

Despite this, embarking on such an undertaking during lockdown has not been without its challenges, as the director revealed.


He said: “We have been wanting to refresh our windows for a few years now to make improvements to the lighting and general aesthetic.

“It has been very good timing as this level of work would have been massively disruptive and resulted in us having to close the doors (voluntarily) to customers for a period of time, and also entailed a lot of overnight work.

“The flipside is that it has created issues which has drawn it out time-wise. Maintaining a Covid-safe environment for the workmen meant fewer of them on site at any time, and also supply of parts from outside of the UK has been disrupted.”

Burton said that 4D Solutions was able to help out with the project, adding that work should be finished by mid-February.

When asked whether the shop plans any sort of celebratory event for when it is permitted to reopen, he said: “Once we are allowed to open then every trading day with our doors open will be a celebration! We will be filling the windows with our most important and rare pieces to celebrate this.”