Jewellery brand Lola Rose has announced the release of the new NHS Rainbow Hope Bracelet.

This marks the latest addition to the brand’s Bangle Bar family of adjustable bracelets.

It is intended as a sign of thanks and respect to the efforts of all healthcare workers throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.


The Hope bracelet features quartzite stones in crimson red, tangerine, lemon, aqua sky, grass green, azure blue and sugar plum.

The multi-coloured quartzite gemstone design is by Nikki Gewirtz MBE, Lola Rose founder. It is priced at £25.

All profits from sales on this bracelet will be donated to NHS Charities Together, British brand Lola Rose said, in memory of Gerwitz’s father.

John Gewirtz sadly lost his life to COVID-19 in April.