London Assay Office denies overseas hallmarking plans


London assay office, The Goldsmiths’ Company, insists it has no intention of following its regional counterparts by opening sub-offices overseas.

Birmingham recently became the latest assay office to secure a global presence by launching an office in Mumbai, while Sheffield Assay Office made a similar move in Italy in 2014.

Jewellery industry sources have speculated that the London Assay office is considering a venture in India as well, but Dr Robert Organ, deputy warden and Assay Master of Assay Office London, denies this is the case.

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“The Goldsmiths’ Company Assay Office (London Assay Office) has absolutely no plans to open any sub offices overseas,” he told Professional Jeweller.

“Indeed, it is now the only UK assay office which still hallmarks exclusively in its hometown – Birmingham has a number of sites outside of Birmingham including India, Sheffield has a sub office in Italy, and Edinburgh has a sub office in England. All of these sub offices use the same town mark as is applied in their hometown.”

The Goldsmiths’ Company Assay Office regards itself as the founding body of hallmarking. It has been testing and hallmarking precious metals for more than 700 years.

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  1. As a business model, expanding overseas is perfectly reasonable. But it is NOT acceptable to apply UK origin / manufacturing marks in sub offices abroad.
    The dictatorial rules from Brussels are partly to blame. A lot of good come part finished into EU countries, and small completion process applied, and then the product is claimed to be of EU manufacture, which is deceitful.
    It is time this and other related issues were tackled, and a mandatory requirement of identification marks that clear and show the country of original manufacture.
    Elephant for India, Panda for China, Cobra for Thailand, and Orang-utan for Indonesia, are just some suggestions. If such a system were implemented, then acceptable marks should be included on the hallmarking display card, so that all is clear to retail customer.

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