The London Diamond Bourse (LDB) has announced that former president Harry Levy has been appointed at the chairman of the organisation, while former vice president Menachem Prager has succeeded him as president.

The role changes were announced at the recent Annual General Meeting. Having been president since 2011, Harry Levy did not stand for election this year.

Prager has been a member of the London Diamond Bourse for 36 years, and has served on the World Federation of Diamond Bourse’s International arbitration panel. He has also been an LDB council member for dozens of years, and was formally vice-president.


LDB chief operating officer, Victoria McKay, comments on the recent changes: “Prager has been an active member of the executive team for some years and I have confidence that under his presidency we will continue to grow the organisation

“Creating a chairman’s position for Levy was by unanimous vote by our council of management, who felt that the title is a perfect fit to honour Mr Levy’s ongoing commitment to LDB and the industry. He remains an active member of the council of management.”