Move comes as membership grows and ‘trading across tables’ evolves.

The London Diamond Bourse (LDB) has launched its first online diamond stock platform, created to enhance membership benefits and improve the searchability of diamond dealers’ stock.

The online platform, run from the LDB’s website, means members can now quickly and easily search for stones from fellow members. It is the latest development from the LDB, which is seeking to boost membership and outreach in the UK diamond industry, under chief operating officer Victoria McKay.

McKay said: "It’s a radical move to enhance and dovetail with the traditional ‘trading across tables’ method by our members looking for stock but finding it increasing difficult to keep up to date with the ever growing membership."


The LDB will be exhibiting the feature at IJL this year with live demonstrations of the member’s platform.

Long-standing LDB member Alan Cohen said of the platform: "One of the virtues of finding a stone in the UK from a fellow member is the ease of transaction; there are no shipping charges, customs or waiting time, and returning goods unsold is easy. It pays to search the LDB stock lists first, why would you source your special order abroad and have the aggravation."