The London Diamond Bourse has announced plans to measure the impact its business has on the environment and become carbon neutral.

The London Diamond Bourse has enlisted the help of international carbon consultancy Carbon-Expert and are working alongside The World Jewellery Confederation (CIBJO) to promote the ‘Jewellery Industry Measurement Initiative’ which was launched by CIBJO at their Congress in Moscow.

As well as being a standard for the measurement of carbon emissions the initiative consolidates the principles of honesty and integrity that are fundamental to the jewellery industry.


“Companies across all business sectors need to be responsible for building a sustainable supply chain and the diamond and jewellery sector is no different,” explains chief operating officer, Victoria McKay. “Becoming carbon neutral meant we assessed our current emissions and are taking steps to reduce them through energy saving and business considerations. We can’t prevent all our emissions but those we do produce can be offset which protects the future of our industry.”

“For most businesses the benefits of developing and maintaining a sustainability program out-weighs the costs both in time and money,” says Moya McKeown, environmental consultant at Carbon-Expert. “Having a sustainability policy and dealing with Green House Gas (GHG) emissions has become an intrinsic part of business management”