The London Diamond Bourse and Assay Office Birmingham have signed a partnership agreement that provides a secure pipeline for diamonds from the London trading institution to the grading service at AnchorCert Gem Lab.

AnchorCert Gem Lab, a division of Assay Office Birmingham is a diamond and gemstone grading laboratory.

Qualified gemmologists use modern equipment to grade stones and provide AnchorCert reports at a time when the industry is under pressure to identify and weed out treated stones and synthetic diamonds.


The partnership will provide LDB members, trading from the Bourse floor in Hatton Garden, with a dedicated, secure delivery of diamonds and gemstones for grading at AnchorCert Gem Lab.

victoria mckay
London Diamond Bourse chief operating officer Victoria McKay.

“This new partnership is a natural marriage as far as the LDB Board was concerned. Integrity is vital to both businesses and we believe that AOB’s AnchorCert Gem Lab upholds superior expertise, accuracy and knowledge. The added value for our members is the fact that AnchorCert Gem Lab is in the UK, rapidly reducing lead times for gemstone analysis and grading,” said London Diamond Bourse chief operating officer Victoria McKay.

Assay master and CEO of Assay Office Birmingham, Stella Layton, added: “It’s great to be working so closely with the London Diamond Bourse – an institution that we have the utmost respect for. It’s even better that this partnership is positive recognition of AnchorCert Gem Lab’s internationally-recognised expertise by an institution with the reputation and integrity of LDB. These types of partnerships are vital for the protection of the UK trade.”