Award-winning jewellery designer Andrew Geoghegan has collaborated with Gill Wing Jewellery to design and create an engagement and wedding ring set that will be sold exclusively in the retailer’s London boutique.

Established over 20 years ago, Gill Wing Jewellery strives to source unusual jewellery pieces to showcase in its Islington gallery.

Today the gallery features over 60 artists, specially selected for their quality, inventiveness and originality.


The latest piece to arrive inside the store is a bridal set designed by Andrew Geoghegan exclusively for Gill Wing Jewellery.

Inspired by the harmony between mathematical perfection and the beauty of nature, the design of the ‘Tesoro’ collection is based on the principles of an ancient formula discovered in nature by Fibonacci. Known as the golden ratio, the Fibonacci sequence is said to be the key to natural beauty and balance.

For the set, the diamond-studded rings take their form from the petals of a succulent plant that Andrew has reimagined and refined. The concept of using this formula in the design came from Gill Wing’s love of botany and the gallery’s hidden garden, which is home to a flourishing tree fern.

Designer, Andrew Geoghegan, comments: “Like most designers I relish a rich brief or inspiration so when the team at Gill Wing commissioned me to create collections based on the Fibonacci Sequence I knew that the results would be captivating. The succulent forms lend themselves effortlessly to the design of the setting and will continue to fuel this ever-growing collection. The Tesoro pieces exhibit a new gem-setting approach that we believe further adds to the ingenuity and wonder of the jeweller.”

This is not the first jeweller to collaborate with Andrew Geoghegan on an exclusive design.

The award-winning designer welcomes commissions from retailers looking to place something bespoke in their windows and sell something exclusive to their clients.

In a tough retail climate, exclusive products enable a jeweller to stand out from competition. While in-house designs and bespoke commissions are not always possible, partnering with a designer on exclusive pieces is another way jewellery retailers can set themselves apart.