London jewellers gather for Jewellery Now exhibit

Museum of London show toasts Imogen Belfield, Noemi Klein and others.

A new exhibition titled Made in London: Jewellery Now will open at the Museum of London this month, celebrating a host of design talents working in the capital city.

The exhibition features work from a host of trendsetting London-based talents, including Professional Jeweller Hot 100 NexGems Imogen Belfield and Rachel Boston, as well as Duffy, Jordan Askill, Husam el Odeh, Noemi Klein and Frances Wadsworth-Jones.

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Opening on November 21, the exhibition is part of the Museum of London’s Jewellery Season, and aims to expose the creative processes and working methods of the seven featured designers, including how the city itself is a source of inspiration and innovation.

Beyond presenting their work, Made in London: Jewellery Now will explore the professional identity of each designer, giving a snapshot of their world and imagination.

The show has been co-curated by the Museum of London’s senior fashion curator, Beatrice Behlen and AnOther Magazine’s fashion editor, Agata Belcen.

Among the showcases will be a focus on Jordan Askill’s larger work and portable sculptures, while Husam el Odeh will use the space to recreate part of his London studio.

An installation of Imogen Belfield’s pieces will reflect traditional displays of the crystals that inspire her, and Duffy will showcase a collection of objects that relate to his work to other interests he pursues.

Beatrice Behlen said: “In the 21st century, it is not enough for a jewellery designer to create beautiful pieces. Designers have to create a unique identity and aesthetic, which becomes bound up in their work. Through Made in London: Jewellery Now, we wanted to bring together some of the most exciting, imaginative and boundary-pushing jewellers working in London today. We wanted to see how they have harnessed their interests and inspiration to make their collections stand out, while simultaneously exploring how each is influenced by the city around them.

"Having previously worked with Agata on the film, Time Machine, made by Quentin Jones, and based on the museum’s collections, I knew working together would make this journey even more fascinating. I am particularly pleased to see how well Made in London links to our Cheapside Hoard exhibition and the idea of craftsmanship and unique style.”

As well as jewellery, Made in London: Jewellery Now, showcases illustrations, inspirational objects and original source material to give visitors a glimpse of what goes on behind the design studio door. It also celebrates the melting pot of individual style and artistic vision that defines London, and its influence over global design trends.

Made in London: Jewellery Now runs alongside Museum of London’s major new exhibition, The Cheapside Hoard: London’s Lost Jewels, which opened on Friday 11 October. The Cheapside Hoard is the world’s largest and finest collection of Elizabethan and early Stuart jewellery that was found by builders buried deep underground in London’s Cheapside back in 1912, where the treasure trove lay undisturbed for nearly 300 years.



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