Crime boss Terry Adams described Hatton Garden as a "secretive place".

A notorious London crime boss revealed in court that he worked as a jewellery designer in Hatton Garden, but found the iconic jewellery centre to be a “secretive place”.

According to a report by the London Evening Standard, Terry Adams was the head of a north London crime gang and used its profits to fund his lavish lifestyle including hotel stays, massages and expensive dinners.


Adams told the court that he was a “creative designer”, but is now designing clothes after struggling to find work in the jewellery trade.

He admitted he had previously taken on a £25,000-per-year job designing jewellery, but said that the “intense” scrutiny applied to him by the authorities had “frightened off” employers in Hatton Garden, which was a “secretive place” where “strangers” such as probation officers were not welcome.

Responding to his claims, prosecuting barrister Kennedy Talbot said that Adams’ employment was simply a device to mask the transfer of his own hidden, gang-related funds. He said no jewellery designed by Adams for the company which had employed him had been sold and there were similar doubts about his abilities as a clothes designer.

Despite claiming he is too poor to pay a £750,000 confiscation order imposed for money laundering, Adams admitted to the High Court that he has been on three visits to the Royal Opera House since his release from jail.

Adams is legally required to report all spending over £500 to the Serious Organised Crime Agency for 10 years, yet prosecutors revealed he ignored the order repeatedly by using hidden funds for expensive purchases.

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