Witnesses take video as Rolexes stolen from Leslie Davis.

After a what appeared to be a lull in smash-and-grab attacks on jewellers in the capital city a motorbike gang has struck a Leslie Davis store on the city’s Oxford Street.

The attack happened in broad daylight last week as shoppers made last-minute festive preparations. Four men on two scooters rode up amongst Christmas shoppers at 10am, smashed their way into the jewellers with a sledge hammer and escaped with what is reported to be thousands of pounds-worth of Rolex watches.


The robbers had also tried to steal jewellery in the attack on Tuesday but were thwarted in their attempts by a smoke screen device that forced them out of the shop. Once their stealing spree had been cut short the men escaped on their bikes leaving behind them a pavement strewn with glass and a large hole in the front of the Leslie Davis shop.

A police spokesman said: "Police were called just after 10am to reports of a smash-and-grab raid at a jewellers shop in Oxford Street.

"There are reports of four men on two scooters smashing a shop window with hammers and making off with the contents."

Witnesses honked horns at the robbers with one even attempting to kick a motorbike riders as they passed him, as you can see in the video below.