London streets really could be paved with gold


Scientists: enough gold underground to pave London several times.

A group of scientists has discovered that gold reserves still buried deep underground would provide enough gold to pave the streets of London not just once, but several times over.

The study, which took place in Greenland, tested rock thought to be almost four billion years old. The group of scientists have revealed that the majority of gold on earth actually comes from meteorites which hit the planet during its formation, and as iron deposits sank to the centre of the earth – forming its core – so did many precious metals including gold and platinum.

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Now the team from Bristol University has revealed that there is enough reserved underground to pave London’s streets – as the old adage goes – but it is trapped deep in the earth’s core.

“Our work has shown that many of the precious metals that our economies rely on have been added to our planet by lucky coincidence,” said Matthias Willbold from Bristol University.

“The earth was hit by more than 20 billion-billion tonnes of asteriodial material,” he added.


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