Metropolitan Police Flying Squad step in after motorbike robbery.

A high-speed robbery that targeted a Fraser Hart store in the Brent Cross shopping centre yesterday could involve up to £2 million worth of stolen goods.

Six people are now believed to have been involved in the robbery, with the thieves riding motorbikes through the shopping centre at 10.15am, before three pillion passengers leapt off to smash the windows of Fraser Hart with bats and axes.


BBC London now says the stolen jewellery and watches could be worth up to £2m, with eyewitnesses suggesting the thieves specifically targeted Cartier and Rolex watches in the shop along with some other jewellery.

The motorbikes used in the robbery were found abandoned in Mill Hill, north London, 15 minutes after the robbery took place.

A video filmed by shop worker opposite the targeted Fraser Hart store shows the robbers carefully passing over items from the window display.

The Metropolitan Police Flying Squad has now stepped in to investigate the robbery. The six people involved wore dark clothing and crash helmets during the raid. Nobody is believed to have been hurt, though an elderly gentleman was treated for shock.

Detective Chief Inspector Harry Hennigan, who is leading the investigation for the Flying Squad, said last night: "We are appealing to anyone who may have seen the events at the Brent Cross shopping centre this morning when the jewellers was robbed having only just opened its doors to its first shoppers.

"We are also appealing to anyone who may have seen the three motorbikes being driven from Brent Cross to Mill Hill. We urge anyone with information to call our incident room."