Lucara Diamond Corporation’s latest haul includes six rough stones weighing in at more than 100 carats, the company has revealed.

They range in size from 106 carats to a large 470-carat top light brown clivage, all of which were found in the company’s 100%-owned Karowe Diamond Mine in Botswana.

This represents the third diamond tipping the scales at more than 300 carats recovered to date in 2021 alone.


It also puts the stone among the largest ever found in history. While the as-yet-unnamed diamond is not close to the size of the two 3000-carat behemoths that top that list, it is still a significant find for Lucara.

Eira Thomas, CEO of the company, commented on the find, saying: “The benefits of a South Lobe-dominated mine-plan continue to be realised in 2021 and underpin our confidence in the ever-improving Karowe resource as we mine deeper in the open pit to 2026 and move into underground mining out to at least 2040.

“Both main rock types from the South Lobe continue to deliver large, high-value diamonds, including six diamonds greater than 200 carats in the first five months of this year alone.  Our operations remain safe, stable and strong, maintaining all Covid-19 protocols.”

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