Brand separates TV from main range as it vies for high-end jewellers.

Jewellery brand Lucy Q is cementing its relationship with TV shopping channel The Jewellery Channel by creating five new collections for the retailer.

Lucy Q has been working with The Jewellery Channel since February and since then the retail channel has aired a monthly four-hour show selling the brand’s jewellery, co-hosted by Lucy Q founder Lucy Quartermaine.


To date Lucy Q, which has 100 stockists in the UK, has been selling its regular stock on The Jewellery Channel but Quartermaine said that she is shifting the brand’s strategy to create exclusive collections that will carry lower price points.

Quartermaine said: “When we started [with The Jewellery Channel] in February we did it with the current collection to see if it would work, but now that everything is going in the right direction we have lots of lovely exclusive designs for The Jewellery Channel and are keeping our other designs for wholesale.”

Selling regular stock on The Jewellery Channel also caused concern within Lucy Q’s other stockists, according to Quartermaine, as the TV channel was selling the same stock as its other retailers but for a lower price. With the new exclusive lines for The Jewellery Channel this problem will be eradicated.

The exclusive lines for The Jewellery Channel feature button, jigsaw, flower, Smarties and stars design features, as well as a necklace designed to look like dripping water, and have been made in silver with gold plating options. “I’ve filled out more a volume of space with less silver,” said Quartermain. “When you are designing for the Jewellery Channel you do have to think of that aspect as they want it at a lower price.”

Lucy Q will also be bringing out new collections for its regular wholesale channel, with two or three collection already in planning, and it will exhibit at The Jewellery Show in Birmingham in February for the second time.

Quartermaine said that in the past few months the brand has started to pick up some high-end jewellery retailers including Wave and Allum & Sidaway, following a successful few days exhibiting at IJL in September. She said that she believes that this new breed of Lucy Q retailer is a natural fit for her mainline collections.

She said: “We are hoping for more high-end jewellers. We have a lot of silver in our designs and the quality of what we do is top notch.”