Sarah Ho - Numerati Fancy Diamonds

As personalisation remained a popular trend among consumers and continued to drive sales this year, award-winning jewellery designer Sarah Ho added a luxurious twist to her Collections of the Year 2015 highly commended Numerati collection.

Following the successful launch of the Numerati range last year, Sarah Ho took the unique concept to the next level by adorning her number motifs with fancy diamond shapes.

The new collection offers a range of rings and pendants, each thoughtfully designed to depict a number from one to nine.


Like the original range, at first glance the number is not obvious, allowing delicate flowing lines to twist and turn effortlessly. With a second look, when not being worn, each piece reveals its hidden number.

The fancy diamond Numerati rings caught the eye of local and international clients when showcased at International Jewellery London.

Impressed by the distinctive design and style, retailers immediately bought into the collection which allows consumers to invest in their lucky numbers.