MadamePazz combines style and substance


Boutique jeweller looks at the healing properties of gemstones

London-based MadamePazz has unveiled a new collection inspired by the beauty of the natural world whilst incorporating the wellness properties some stones are believed to possess.

The unique range of handmade jewellery utilises a range of semi-precious gemstones which are said to have properties that may aid good health, good fortune and stress relief.

The Daily Mail and Cherie Blair have both spoken about their understanding of therapeutic accessories and sales are on the rise as they become more popular. Using semi-precious stones such as citrine, the stone of success and energy, the MadamePazz brand aims to bridge the gap between the functionista surrender of a remedial necklace or bracelet with pieces that are still stylish and desirable.

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Owner and designer Adela Michrinova said, "There are not many semi-precious stones on the market in comparison with how many exist. The huge focus is on precious stones; the diamonds, the emeralds. I wanted beautiful designs that also catered to the inexpensive quota for the middle market."

With pieces ranging from £15 to £150 MadamePazz saw a good reaction to its pieces at the London Gift Fair and in store in West London this year.

You can view the range on the MadamePazz website.

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