British jeweller Amanda Mansell has unveiled new jewellery pieces at Goldsmiths’ Fair to accompany the iconic concentric ring which featured on the flyer and poster of the fair.

This is the second time Mansell has been selected to exhibit at the fair, after her debut last year, and she said she is thrilled by the decision.

The new pieces accompanying the ring include a statement bold bracelet, earrings and a pendant. All are 18ct yellow gold. Mansell will be exhibiting in Week 2, from October 4-9.



The British designer creates her jewellery from her studio in Hatton Garden and said her designs are infused by the vibrant energy of the city she loves. Her inspiration is drawn from an obsession with creating beautiful objects of the highest quality, she said.

Mansell claims her designs are focused on a simple and clean approach that is free from clutter and her recent fascinations with the Enso symbol has brought new direction to her collections.


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