Man pleads guilty to £1m jewellery robbery

21-year-old robber brandished sawn-off shotgun during Dundrum raid.

A 24-year-old man has admitted to carrying out a €1.2m (£1.07m) jewellery robbery at the Dundrum shopping centre in Dublin.

Ian Maloney originally pleaded not guilty to robbery, possession of a 12-gauge shotgun and possession of a sawn-off shotgun, which he wielded at Paul Sheeran Jewellers in Dundrum town centre in September 2008.

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This means he would have been 21-years-old at the time of the robbery.

On Monday he pleaded guilty to the robbery charge, on the fifth day of his trial at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court.

A member of staff gave evidence as the keyholder of the store on the evening when two men entered dressed as builders.

Candice McCutcheon told the prosecutor, James Dwyer, that she thought they were customers and went to greet them when one of them raised a gun and pointed it at her. She said it was a “sawn-off” and “old and rusty looking”.

The armed raider told McCutcheon to move before ordering all the customers and staff to stand against a wall. She said the other man used a crowbar to open one jewellery cabinet before moving on to another with more valuable items in it.

He filled a black bin bag with jewellery, then both men fled the scene as McCutcheon alerted the shopping centre’s security.

An identification procedure took place, and Maloney was identified by several people in the shop as the man carrying the gun.




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