Manchester’s William May experienced a 100% boom in revenue throughout lockdown, the second-hand jewellery specialist has stated, as it looks to continue this strong performance in the months ahead.

Online sales were particularly important in bolstering its revenue, the company revealed in a statement from Nick Withington, spokesperson for William May.

This comes after an impressive 2019, which saw a 40% revenue growth for the company.


Referring to the pandemic, Withington said: “The company as a whole has had to adapt to the difficult, ever-changing ongoing events but have exceeded previous Christmas trading turnover on reduced staff levels.”

He was also forthcoming with advice for other retailers after William May’s own successes: “We’ve had an aim to continue putting our customers first, by adapting our onsite activity for people looking for new advice to continue purchasing under difficult circumstances.

“For retailers struggling throughout this period, we advise to not stand still, be proactive and adapt where possible across all activity.”

Discussing shifting industry trends, Withington added: “We feel the biggest change has been that more people are confident to purchase jewellery online. Due to all jewellery stores closing down for months people had to switch to purchasing online and they have found they can purchase excellent quality products for a fraction of the high street [cost] and still receive top-level customer service, all from the comfort of their own home.”

He concluded: “Exceeding Christmas trading on reduced staff levels has been a phenomenal achievement. We can’t wait to get going for the final quarter and whilst continuing to provide excellent service to our customers.”

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