Fashion jewellery brand Mantra has teamed up with UK charity Smart Works, to create a 2017 partnership which promotes and supports female self belief in the workplace.

Founder Jo Stroud established Mantra Jewellery in 2015, creating a jewellery brand which carries purpose and meaning.

Every piece of jewellery represents a powerful mantra, intended to bring positivity and encouragement to the wearer, creating a natural affinity with Smart Works.


For the partnership, Mantra Jewellery has designed a delicate disc pendant, with the empowering and motivating mantra, ‘Believe in yourself. We do’.

Carrying the powerful word, ‘Believe’, to represent the mantra, and with the iconic lotus symbol below it, the disc necklace will retail at £35 for sterling silver and £55 for gold and rose gold plating.

Mantra will donate 25% of the sale of each ‘Believe’ necklace directly to Smart Works.

“Mantra Jewellery is about positivity, self-belief and inspiration; while Smart Works gives women the confidence and self belief, as well as the practical tools, to start a new chapter of their life. We are both aiming for the same things, so this partnership is very exciting for us both,” explains Mantra founder, Jo Stroud.

To cement the partnership, Mantra Jewellery will also be donating 300 necklaces to Smart Works over the next year, to directly support women using the service.

The new Mantra necklace will launch in April, while the partnership itself commences in March, to coincide with International Women’s Day.