Delivering a presentation at Mappin & Webb’s recently refurbished store this morning (June 16), CEO of Aurum Group, Brian Duffy, described the £2 million redesign investment as having “exceeded expectations.”  

The refurbished flagship store, combined with new campaign imagery featuring actress Gabriella Wilde, is part of a brand-wide redesign.

“We think there’s an empty space for a true British luxury brand,” explained Duffy. The new campaign includes romantic quotes from the British literary canon, including Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights.


“The American approach to romance is very different to the British,” said Duffy. “We British are a lot more reserved and private. We have a great history in romance. Our history includes all of these wonderful poets and writers, which were at the forefront of romantic literature.

“We want to bring what we mean by romance back. Such as Jane Austen, who was born in the same year Mappin & Webb was established. What we mean by romance is very deep, very emotional, somewhat reserved – very British,” Duffy added.

The design concept behind the store was to create an appearance similar to a characterful stately residence, and is set over two floors with a Waterford Crystal Chandelier adorning the atrium.

The new collections include Sonnet, inspired by the classic round pearl, Empress, which includes seasonal pastel coloured gems and features double-drop and mini stud earrings, as well as necklaces, and a new Carrington collection, featuring round-cut precious stones surrounded by diamond halos.