Over the past 20 years, Warrior Doors has been quietly, but resolutely, working with Britain’s high street jewellers one by one to provide a security service like no other.

With managing director Brett Barratt at the helm, Warrior Doors has pioneered a unique style of security for brick and mortar jewellers, which maximises security without compromising on light or aesthetics.

Barratt’s belief is that security does not have to be bulky or ugly, but rather it should blend in seamlessly, complementing the store and surroundings. Every door and product Barratt and his team design and manufacture is one-of-a-kind. Taking this approach rather than creating a mass-produced set of security products means that every eventuality is taken into account.


Furthermore, with the rise of criminals ram-raiding jewellery stores over the last few years, Barratt has been ahead of the curve on this, designing into Warrior Doors’ products vehicle mitigation technology (VMT) to add an extra layer of security. This revolutionary technology has saved lives, with an attempted ram-raid on a Warrior Doors customer’s storefront failing due to Warrior Doors’ VMT.

From his roots in securing independent jewellers in cities and market-towns, Warrior Doors is now being sought-after by major brands and high value retailers who understand the importance of balancing luxurious goods with a high level of security.