Darrell Granton has enjoyed a flourishing career at Thomas Sabo in the UK.

Granton joined the jewellery brand in 2011 as an areas sales manager, and worked his way up to national sales manager in 2016, and to the appointment of his current role – head of wholesale – in 2018.

Taking on the role of head of wholesale was no small task for Granton, who was promoted at a time when the brand’s managing director, wholesale director, and director of marketing and PR all left the firm. But, he was ready for the challenge, and in the last 12 months has more than proven himself as an asset.


Granton has understood that just like every customer is different, every retailer is too, and if a brand can tailor to an individual jewellers need, the partnership will work out a lot better for both parties.

As such, the first year in the role has seen Granton getting to know the company’s retail partners and, more importantly, the people actually selling the stock on the shop floor, alongside discovering ways to best boost business for those proudly stocking Thomas Sabo on their shelves.

Solutions have included reviewing product assortments, investing in training, and changing the way Thomas Sabo has previously showcased new stock to retailers. A people-focused approach has been greatly appreciated by the brand’s retailers, many of which believe Granton has laid down strong foundations for a promising future.