Over the last 12 months Raw Pearls has been making waves in the UK jewellery industry with its products being voted for by retailers as some of the ‘best in the biz’ and the team working closely with retail partners to ensure they have all they need to sell pearl pieces to discerning consumers.

Miranda Raw has been the director of Raw Pearls for over a decade, working alongside her father and managing director Jonathan Raw who started the company in 1980.

Raw’s vision and passion for the company has been pushing it forward and creating landmark opportunities for its clients. Her focus is very much on providing a complete services package, not just supplying high-quality, pearl jewellery products.


Directing the design and production of a fresh and extensive brochure and offering her clients a vast image library for use on their websites has proven hugely successful.

More recently, Miranda Raw has become the face of Pearl Academy by Raw Pearls, an online training programme designed for retailers and their sales teams to assist them in pearl jewellery sales.

In this programme, Raw comes across hugely passionate and incredibly experienced as she transfers her knowledge into a language shop floor sales teams can understand.

Alongside equipping retailers with the tools they need, Raw is charged with the day-to-day running of the company, meeting clients, attending buying trips, and ensuring the product itself continues to meet expectations.