Entrepreneur, Scot Walker, runs a unique business which drives sales and footfall for jewellers on the British high street.

The Parify Group offers both ground-breaking lighting solutions and a shop fitting service under the Progressive Display arm of the business.

Together, the two sides of the business, which come to life in the company’s UK-based facilities, help retailers sell stock from the outside in.


With the Group’s lighting, jewellery is shown in the very best way possible, with clients reporting a lift in sales after installing Parify’s innovative solutions, while the displays offer the very best in retail cabinetry and can be completed in as little as 14 days, ensuring limited disruption to business.

What makes Walker stand out is his drive to see the jewellery industry shine brighter than any other market.

He sees the potential in every store and works closely with clients to come up with bespoke solutions and see sales boosting results.

That’s why leading national jewellers such as Chisholm Hunter and Berry’s choose to use Parify.
At the end of last year Walker bought the shares from his co-director and became the sole owner of the company. Leading on his own, he has great ambitions for the Parify Group, including expanding into new markets and oversees.

With strong foundations and now under Walker’s sole leadership, the future for Parify Group looks set to be a bright one.